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About me

So where do I start, I am nineteen an started doing make up when I was fourteen, well when I say make up it was what my Mom let me wear. Then when i was sixteen i started taking it seriously and really considered it as a career and now here I am.


After sixth year i then carried on to achieve a career in make up and started studying at Vanity X Make Up Academy in Cork City. I then qualified from there in May 2019. 

That has brought me to where I am today. Currently I am nineteen years old with a strong passion for make up and fashion and everything that goes along with it. 


Why I set this up..


And now I'm here. When i first started my page on instagram I told myself it would only be make up based and make up only until i saw that there was a opportunity for me to develop and grow my community of people who love all sorts of fashion, make up, travel and more.  

I want this page to be a place where we can all share our passion for all the girly things that help us be who we are. I will be sharing aspects of my life from the good and bad times. I am new at this so it may take me awhile but i will get there and my dream is to grow this page and for it to reach every type of girl, boy, women, or man.

Lots of love,

Jill xoxo

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