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Getting Tash'd

Let's talk about piercings. I started my Maria Tash addiction in November 2019 when they came to Brown Thomas in Cork. It was a completely spur of the moment decision, they were packing up to leave at 6 and i got mine done at half five. This is when the addiction started. Now four months later and two more added on I'm already planning more. My first piercing i got in cork was my Tash Rook which is cartilage. This was the least painful of all my piercings but was the place that took the longest to healFour months down the line and I'm only able to sleep on it again.


After the Cork pop up I couldn't resist I needed another so i traveled up to their Dublin store which is situated in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street. The style of the shop and the interior alone makes you feel like your walking into somewhere luxurious and elegant. Then you meet the people in there and trust me when I say they are some of the nicest, trustworthy people. They are full of knowledge to help you make the right decision for you. What I loved was the fact they don't rush you or force you into a decision you aren't comfortable with. I told the girl's my budget and they showed me all different options and styles and didn't make you feel like you were not spending enough which for me it makes me feel much more comfortable and at ease. The piercing I got the first time I came was probably my most painful out of all of them I have gotten. It was a lobe piercing but it was further up, i think it was only painful because it was a pinchy area in general. Healing wise, it was quicker then my Tash Rook, and much easier to clean and maintain. 

The latest piercing that I got was in January of this year and it was my Conch piercing. I went up to get my Tash Rook tightened and came away with another. I originally wanted to go for a hoop on the conch area but the lady advised me that they don't usually pierce with a hoop first and also as my other ones were still healing it would be uncomfortable. So what I did was got a stud, that in a years time I will swap it with the hoop that I wanted and then  i shall pierce another area with the stud then. This was by far the easiest piercing both pain wise and healing process


The actual piercing experience of all my piercings was so relaxed and straight forwarded and extremely private. I request to lie down for mine, just because I find it easier, but whatever you are most comfortable with. Yes they are more on the expensive side but they are a investment that you will have for life and no matter where you are in the world they will look after you in any of there stores at any time. I honestly cannot recommend them enough, the jewelry is stunning, there service is impeccable and there people are the nicest people around. 

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a dm or a email and I will try to get back as quick as possible. You can say I have the tash bug.

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